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  Onsite Credential Printing & Distribution   

  Onsite Credential Facility Management   

Onsite Credential Printing & Distribution

EventCredentials can custom design a credentialing solution for any event of any size. The Company’s event credential center management service provides clients with a turnkey solution from pre-registration to onsite check-in to physical credentialing at the site venue. EC’s project manager will work closely with your team to insure that no detail is left unaccounted for both in the planning process prior to the event and at the onsite credential center during the event.

  • EC will design a custom credential that includes your event’s logo or artwork
  • Easily print a photo credential or paper name badge for all registered attendees
  • -  In advance of event based on registration data collected
  • -  Onsite at event venue with EC’s turnkey photo credentialing workstations
  • -  Quickly retrieve an individual’s approved credential record, take photo and
       then print credential (takes less than 1 minute per person)

Onsite Credential Facility Management

  • Full to partial staffing provided
  • Supply and operation of all credentialing software and hardware (computer workstations, credential printers, digital photo ID cameras, laminators, servers)
  • Ability to provide credentialing workstations at multiple venues (all networked to master credential database through a standard high-speed internet connection)

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