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Electronic RFID [Micro Chip] Ticketing Solution

EventCredentials proprietary RFID enhanced ticketing solution provides event organizers with sophisticated electronic event management tools. It involves the embedding of an RFID chip into a paper ticket for increased security or electronic data collection purposes. EC’s project manage and graphics design team will work with your Event Staff to design a custom RFID enhanced ticket for your event.

  • Provide a personalized ticket for each attendee with their name/table/seat all prominently displayed
  • RFID chip embedded in each ticket is the most secure anti-counterfeit device possible
  • PDA scanning equipment used to authenticate RFID ticket at entrance points
  • Track guest arrival and attendance in real time
  • Monitor access control throughout event venue
  • Eliminate the inappropriate potential duplicate use of a single ticket by two attendees (ie. pass-back). The secure RFID ticket solution will recognize that access has already occurred and decline the attempted second entrant use of the RFID ticket
  • Generate guest lists and other useful reports (ie. arrival reports) in minutes based on the electronic record associated with each personalized RFID ticket issued
  • Deactivated lost or stolen tickets prior to and/or during the event
  • Unlike bar coding RFID does not require a direct scan to verify granted access or track attendance
Any organization interested in learning about the most advanced event access control solutions available should discuss the advantages of EC’s proprietary RFID ticket solution with an EventCredentials’ representative.

Graphical Interface Seating Chart Software Solution

In addition to the RFID EC Ticketing Soltuion event organizers have the ability to enhance their electronic control of the ticketing process through the EventCredentials Graphical seating chart solution. The EC software-based seating chart solution allows event coordinators to effectively and efficiently manage the daunting task of assigning guest/attendees to event tables and/or seats. By using EventCredentials' graphical seating chart solution, event coordinators are able to see the entire floor layout, with table and guest details just a click away.

Solution Highlights
  • Graphical database driven seating chart allows for ease of last minute seat/table changes
  • Ability to assign seat/table for each attendee by pointing and clicking on record
  • Eliminates the risk of over populating tables or duplicating seat assignments
  • Changes to seating arrangements are updated in real time and layout can be reprinted with a click of a button
  • Ability to assign seats/table after tickets have been issued and to easily inform attendees of seat/table assignment at time of entrance


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